Giving has a domino effect.

Have you ever given something and gotten an unexpected reward as a return? My biggest act of giving to date was a scholarship fund I created for my alma mater, where I received my bachelor’s degree through the help of a donor who awarded me a scholarship. Because this was so integral to my achievement, I wanted to do the same and give back. Little did I know that the effects of that gesture would change the way I see the world.

Giving opens many doors. By selflessly giving your time or money, it comes back to you 10 times over. People pay attention to those who give, and they’re more likely to engage or give back to you or to follow suit and give back to others. After my act of giving, I was given the opportunity to know more about my scholarship donor. He went from being born into a middle-class family to selling his first company for over $60 million in his early 40s. He has found that the act of giving has played a huge part in attracting positivity into his life, and as a result, he is a very active giver. His generosity translated into my act of giving, which has brought me so much good and transformed me as a leader.

Giving is good for business and connections.

Successful leaders look to work with others who are passionate about different causes and their community. Being a business owner or leader means that your peers are often watching you and noticing what kind of difference you are making. People tend to refer business to people they trust and believe will take good care of their family and friends. By giving, you are letting the world know that you care and that you are sharing your wealth and blessings with others. This is crucial to growth and success. Sharing and giving back to the community that is supporting you is the greatest reward any business owner or leader can receive.